What Disney taught me about healthy polyamory | @offbeathome

No one would ever try to argue that Disney love stories are realistic portrayals of the ups and downs and trials and tribulations of relationships. Their fairy tale happy endings are what make them so endearing, but they definitely don’t set proper expectations for dating in the real world. A prince is probably not going to come wake you up from sleep with an enchanted kiss while woodland creatures serenade you. But, there are some relationship lessons I have recently realized Disney imparted on me — and they’re the least likely of all.

Let’s see what Disney characters can teach us about healthy multi-partner relationships…

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My reflections on BDSM and open relationships

I was in a BDSM relationship with a married person whose partner was aware of our relationship. I’ve reflected on it and I’ve come to understand what could have been done better so that it could have worked for all parties involved.